Engagement Ring.. A spellbinding tribute to your love

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring for your love can be one of the most exciting parts about your decision to get married. Will your bride prefer the antique look, the contemporary look, or is it all about the showpiece engagement ring? Will they appreciate the “Past, Present, and Future” meaning behind a Three Stone Engagement Ring, or will it be better to have an Active Wear Style they will feel comfortable playing tennis in? Well, you can relax. Questions just like those will help you decide what will be more suitable to your future bride.

Sun Jewelry creates the most beautiful works of art in the world. Our vast collection of quality and innovative designs will leave you breathless. Each of our diamond engagement rings are hand crafted by master artisans in house and are one of a kind piece designed to inspire your imagination.

Popular in design and elegant in nature, solitaire rings, three stone rings, coloured stone rings, halo design rings etc. are Sun Jewelry’s best selling engagement rings. Ranging from classic designs to bold designer pieces, there is a style for everyone.

Solitaires, simple and elegant, unobstructed by side stones and emphasis is on the main stone. Sun Jewelry’s diamond solitaire selections range from classic design to more modern designs that will tempt your imagination.

The classic three stone diamond engagement rings is a tribute to your love and represent the past, present, and future. Sun Jewelry’s three stone diamond rings offer a selection for every taste and budget. The designs range from timeless and elegant to more bold and daring designs that capture your attention.

Sparkling diamonds and colourful precious stones add vibrancy to all beautiful designs. Moving from the more traditional diamond only ring design and adding energetic hues gives this ensemble a fresh look.

These designs push the envelope of traditional jewelry making methods to create exquisite works of art. A collection of designer styles featuring opulent designs and bold styles that are exclusive to Sun Jewelry Only.

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